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Hey guys, happy 2011.

I got a little nice treat for all of you, in case you haven't heard about it yet.
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Thank you, little teaser?

Adam - idk my bff jil?

DC concert review!

(Hey, Adam fans, are y'all posting generally elsewhere or have you all just been really quiet lately?)

Okay. The concert was great. Adam was opening for some band I've never heard of but which is apparently infinitely more popular around here than he is. 45 minutes after opening, there were only like... 50 people there. Maybe. 45 minutes after THAT, when they finally started getting their act on stage, there was maybe 100 tops. And most of them had come to the the Other Guys.

Meaning, of course, I easily got a spot as close to the stage as it gets. Photos will follow.

Adam is very fond of crowd surfing, I must say. So I actually held him over my head three times during his set. Once, I can now proudly say, I was between his legs for about 3 seconds. Lulzzzzzzz. I also totally might have maybe sorta kinda felt up his chest. I have no regrets.

After his bit was done, I decided I was bored of hanging around in there and didn't give a shit about whoever was on next, and it was a warm night tonight so I went outside and just hung around chatting with people and drawing and waiting for Adam to appear. It took... ohh... about two hours. Which gave me ample time to do a pretty good drawing of him AND meet a neat dude from Bolivia AND a hot chick from around here AND get to know one of the place's employees pretty closely.

Oh yeah and then I actually got to hang out with Adam.

See... it's sort of funny and sad, but apparently NO ONE ELSE was actually waiting for him to come out. Seriously. Not one other person. Not even the crazyhyper guy who practically bulldozed his way through the crowd to get closer to Adam. So finally, he showed up and tossed his stuff in his van and we just like... chilled for about 15 minutes.

Anyone who knows Adam's music or is at all familiar with his celebrity reputation might possibly think that he would probably be this superstoner druggie stumbling around drunkenly. I had honestly prepared myself for that. But... no. Absolutely nothing even close. He's just such a totally chill dude. He is not at ALL into his own celebrity rep. He was really interested in talking and really easy to talk to and hang out with. We just lounged against a wall and he asked me to explain the "Taxation without representation" thing on DC plates and we talked about touring and how he sometimes likes to go onto the Other Band's bus and crash there and wake up in another city, which he wasn't doing tonight because he'd done it two nights before and he didn't want the band he was playing with to think he was a snob. He said they had four hours to drive tonight to Raleigh or somewhere he wasn't sure, then to Georgia tomorrow. It was totally just like hanging out and chatting with a friend, not in any way awkward or weird or like "OMFG YOU'RE FAMOUS"... which I guess might be partly because there was no one else there. But he was very friendly and hugged me a few times (:D!!!!!!) and... yeah. He also said they're doing another US tour in two months and he wants to do more ballads then. The band he played with is called The Dead Trees and he said they were very incredible... they're sort of his US band kinda, and they'd had only 3 rehearsals with him before they started doing shows together, which... based on what I saw, is mind-blowing. They are REALLY good.

Oh, and yes, he gave an AMAZING fucking show with energy through the roof, playing to the crowd like crazy, totally involving them and totally into it. He is an amazing performer and an awesome guy.

And now you get pictures. First, you get my drawing, without a cut, because I'm evil like that:

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This comm is quiet. TOO quiet...


This comm is too quiet, especially for there being SO GODDAMN MUCH new material for Adam out lately. People, I have been through over 100 pages on flickr and a ton more on Google and I'm too lazy to save shit like that HOWEVER, I will link to you a wonder beyond wonders:


It is updated regularly. The last update was 4 days ago. The photos are PRICELESS and the handwritten journal-entries are absolutely hilarious.

And by the way, this solves a question that has been brewing in my mind for literally years: Adam Green is BI. This makes me infinitely happy. Also, jesus christ he is such an adorable and cracked individual, I kind of just want to hug him.
[Doctor Who] TARDIS

from My Space

ADAM GREEN's soundtrack to the play TIMBUKTU premieres in Germany March 21st!
Adam Green composed 9 original instrumental songs for the play adaptation of Paul Auster's novel "Timbuktu".

The songs will be featured in the play, which is set to premiere in Tübingen on March 21st at the renowned Zimmertheater.

For anyone wishing to hear the songs, and unable to attend the play, the songs will be released on Rough Trade Records in the near future!


team ag
[Doctor Who] TARDIS

from MySpace

Adam Green is recording his new album!!!

Adam is going to LA next week to start recording with Noah Georgeson! (little joy, devendra banhart)

We're really excited to hear what happens!

Stay tuned for more news....


team ag

hello :)

I'm new here so i'll try not to make anything unallowed or whatever ^^
thanks for posting all these pics, they really are great :D
little presentation of myself...
My name's Solly, I'm french, and i'm absolutely completely crazy about music :D it's like a drug for me, i get high whenever i go to see a good gig.
and well, adam's concerts are more than good ;)
My dream is to be able to work in the music industry either as a journalist or a photographer... hard to achieve but well, gotta try ^^
i went to two adam green's gig lately, in Rouen & Paris, and i took some photos, so if you're interested, here's the link of my blogger page where i have put them all ^^
so go and have a look if you like :)
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